Sh. Kunil Bhalla

Sh. Kunil Bhalla

Managing Trustee

Never in the History of health care, nurses had such wide opportunities and improved prospects. Nursing is at cross roads with unlimited opportunities in the hospitals, communities, research and health development programmes. With society’s increased recognition of Nurses contribution to improve health care, we are in a position to demonstrate our professional leadership.

The Bee Enn College of Nursing, Chak Bhalwal, Jammu which was established in 2009 in collaboration with Bee Enn General Hospital has completed 12 years since its inception. Within a span of these 12 years, the college has achieved recognition as one of the top colleges of Nursing in India. Over the years the College has developed a unique environment and infrastructure that can deliver Nursing education truly of global standards.

There is a worldwide shortage of trained Nurses. Bee Enn College of Nursing offers innovative and rigorous academic programmes taught by renowned faculty, giving our students the opportunity to become part of an institution dedicated to make a global impact through cutting edge of education, clinical practice and professional service. Apart from the opportunities within the State of J&K, students of BECON will also be eligible to get jobs in any part of the country and abroad.

There has been tremendous advancement in the field of medicine and the treatment of diseases have become complex and specialized. Highly trained graduate nurses are urgently required to necessitate all over the world. Maintaining a close collaboration with the Bee Enn General Hospital, Jammu, a prominent medical facility, allows our faculty and students to be the leaders on campus and to work, study and collaborate with experts from a variety of disciplines.

"Join us and become a professional Nurse leader."